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Can anyone please help? I have adjusted the fonts in Preferences and that doesn't do it. Posted on Aug 19, 4: Page content loaded. Aug 19, 5: I have this problem too with some senders mainly window's users. The problem is with the sender.

Change the font size in Outlook for Mac

They may be using a font which looks fine to them like verdana 12 looks fine to you because whatever resolution they use on their monitor makes it look that way to them. But whatever the sender's font maps into on your system just happen to come out needing magnifying glass! You are probably using a higher resolution monitor than the sender e. You can verify your font is ok by simply sending an email to yourself.

Changing Fonts Outlook 2016 for Mac

It should look like the original. Apparently one of the new "trends" in PC e-mail is ridiculously small font sizes. There was a recent thread in the Lion forum where people were complaining about this. It turns out that some PC programs are using a font size of 2 two.

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Apple Mail won't allow anything that small and limits it to 9 instead. The problem is that 9 is pretty small too.

Once again, Apple isn't being aggressive enough in correcting PC bugs. About the only thing you can really do, if you know these senders well, is to make them aware of this problem and to use a larger font when sending specifically to you.

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Jan 10, 6: I am stuck with the same problem and quite disapointed in Apple to let theese matters run so long. I run a MBA Jan 11, 3: Jun 28, 3: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Changing Font Sizes in Outlook | Der Flounder

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Go to the Outlook menu and select Preferences 2. In the Outlook Preferences window, open Fonts 3. Go to the Format menu in Outlook 2. Like this: Like Loading Office Comments 4 Leave a comment. Changes to the default font do not stick. They revert to Calibri.