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Countless words have been written about goddamn Apple and its Flash crusade. Apple took it all on the chin and had been right all along: Nobody shed a tear, but only Apple was courageous enough to go against powerful vested interests and risk a short-term public outcry for the benefit of articulating how the rest of the industry felt about Flash anyway.

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Apple developed FireWire as a high-speed interconnect interface in FireWire had originally been deployed across iPods, but was phased out in in favor for standard USB interface. This machine originally debuted in January of as an ultra-thin notebook. Perhaps understandably, it was panned for compromising on some features, but what the press really zeroed in on was its lack of a built-in optical drive. If there ever was such a thing as a heresy in the computer world, there it was: Nowadays, we have Ultrabooks.

And guess what? And what an irony it is that even now many Ultrabook makers are still struggling to match the portability, extremely low weight and thinness of the Air. Something had to give: And when Apple in October removed a hard drive from the Air to focus on all-flash storage, it became very clear to me it saw rotating medias a nuisance of sorts, something in a need of phasing out ASAP for the greater good. That same year, the iPhone 4 debuted and went on to sell like gangbusters.


And earlier in January, Apple launched the iPad. If Apple sees itself as a mobile devices company, why would they bother ever catering to audiences who are married to legacy technologies? Sure, there will always be people who insist on an all-in-one desktop that has an optical drive. And there will always be Dells and HPs of this world to meet their expectations. Do we really need optical media inside our computers at a time when physical media is dying and software gets purchased and delivered via the Interwebs?

Super-MultiDrives for Apple Mac Pro ()

Your argument is nothing but a rant and completely invalid. I really don't think you do. You're just stuck on old technology that is in the process of being phased out and Apple is way ahead of you and has seen the light already, keeping the costs down on the mini. You're just having a hard time adjusting to the future and need to blame someone else for moving forward when you weren't prepared to do so. It's ok, you aren't alone. Time heals. Jul 23, 9: I can understand Apple using the mini with its niche market to test the waters of producing and computer with no removable media but I still think it's too early as software in stores is still being sold on DVD's.

Mac mini (2009) Optical Drive Upgrade Video

I think a move like this would have been better timed when the majority of retail software is being sold on USB drives and think of the packaging reduction savings, no more big software boxes. Yes, I don't use my optical drive often, not even once a month. I use my DVD player for movies, and my mini's optical drive only when I need to use the system recovery disc, install software very rare after the 1st week of purchase , and backup files which is its primary use. I still prefer optical media for backup as once its burned and verified, you simply store it away and if properly stored your data is safe.

I think anyone who has their hard drive fail and their backup drive also fail can understand. In the new mini, Apple removed the optical drive and just left the space where the optical drive would go unoccupied, and if their motive is to increase digital downloads and keeping all your purchased apps, TV shows, movies, and music on the included hard drive, it would be in their best interest to put larger capacity hard drives in their computers.

Hence, with no optical drive and empty space, I think Apple should have fit a standard desktop 3. Think how much you would have to spend on the iTunes store to fill that up. I'm sitting on the fence contemplating whether or not I need a optical drive in my mini anymore, but it also would have been a good opportunity for Apple to test the markets for themselves and could have offered the new mini in two SKU's: Jul 24, 3: Are you really serious about optical discs being old technology? The vast majority of people who buy Macs are middle aged and middle class - they wouldn't know a USB external drive if it jumped up and bit 'em - they will just buy media from iTunes store and applications from the built in app store.

And also are you really serious when you say there is no connection between the app store and the lack of an optical drive in the Mini - boy have they got you brainwashed. Go look at the revenue Apple make out of selling Mac Mini's, Macbooks, iMacs - then go look at how much they made on the iPhone app store last year!!! Get with the plot - of course we won't be sticking DVD's and CD's in the slot in five years time, but right now we do and the only alternative on the Mini is? Now if there was an Amazon App Store on the Mac Mini, built in as an app that downloaded and installed seamlessly any app you wanted, well, who am I to complain, but you know I don't see Amazon getting that app authorised by Apple do you!?

Jul 24, 6: I am in the market for a new Mac, as my old Core 2 Solo mini can't run Lion.

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I wish that the new mini had an optical drive for the few times that I load software from a disk, or rip a CD. I realize that I can buy an external optical drive, but I hate the clutter that entails.

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Apple is always on the cutting bleeding edge of technology transitions, and it is always hard during the transition itself. I felt the same way when I bought one of the first iMacs that did not come with a floppy disk drive. Now, everyone agrees that is outmoded technology. Maybe we will all feel the same way about optical disks in a few years, but I have a feeling that it will be quite a while before nobody plays movies from DVDs, or plays music from CDs.

Jul 24, 7: Removing the most widespread optical media device from the past decade purchased software, audio cds, dvd movies, backup cds, backup dvds, One can make the argument that users can use a third party drive, and thus are not locked out from traditional optical media; but that is just a kludge and an eyesore.

This is still a desktop system.

Mac mini Model A1347 Optical Drive Replacement

Apple is all about sleekness, elegance and simplicity But you can use the drive in another mac. Sure, if you have a compatible system and don't mind decreased performance, burning coasters, etc. Not so much. Maybe if there is a new model newertech drivestack with a superdrive built-in these match the mac mini pretty closely that I can place under it.

Internal Superdrive on 2012 MacMini?

As far as I am concerned, leaving out the optical drive may be the future, but is premature. I certainly see it as a cost cutting measure on the manufacturing side and a push for Apple's online distribution models. Jul 24, 2: All Apple software will eventually be through the app store not offered on disc. When Apple announced new Macs last week , one thing that was notably absent from the new models presented was an optical drive.

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But on Tuesday, Apple dealt a big blow to the music and movie industries. The Mac Pro is unique, as you can actually put a second optical drive in it, but Apple has vowed to release a new pro desktop in and who knows what it's design will be. While removing the optical drive saves space—CDs and DVDs dictate the minimum size of such drives—it also means that owners of these new Macs can no longer rip CDs without a lot of extra work. And while plenty of people buy music via download, there are still a lot of CD sales not to mention built-up collections.

The lack of an optical drive might be the final nudge that gets people to look to the iTunes Store or Amazon MP3, even for their music instead of to their local record store assuming they still actually have one.